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Shakespeare Writes is my freelance writing business.

Writing, in essence, is about communication and response. First, you need to identify who your audience is and what THEY want. Then you design a message to solicit the response YOU want. It's pretty simple.

To achieve this goal, you need to do two more things:

If you can explain this information in digestible, meaningful points that register with them, you are more likely to elicit the response you want.

In short, you need to tell a story that your audience is compelled to respond to.

This is where I, Stephanie Sides, with more than 25 years of writing experience, can help you:

Crystalize your message: This will help you get the results you want – a grant award, acceptance of a scholarly journal article, a dreamed-of partnership, greater community awareness, or [you fill in the blank here about the need you've identified]. You may have other goals I can help you achieve if, together, we can identify the right message to get the response you want.

Analyze your information: I can synthesize a comprehensive, compelling story from the chaos that can result from information or documents written by many different authors with many different areas of expertise and points of view. If you're at your wit's end, I know I can help. I thrive in this kind of chaos.

I have a particularly broad base of experience in the academic world, especially at UC San Diego and, to a lesser extent, at California State University, San Marcos.

I offer domain expertise in the following areas:

I offer writing expertise on large and small projects of the following types:

Contact me today so that we can discuss how I can address your needs!